Our Mayfield, Kentucky facility was destroyed December 10, 2021, by a tornado, and tragically employees were killed and injured. We’re heartbroken about this, and our immediate efforts are to assist those affected by this terrible disaster. Our company is family-owned and our employees, some who have worked with us for many years, are cherished. We’re immediately establishing an emergency fund to assist our employees and their families.

We’re grateful to the first responders who heroically assisted our employees following the storm. And, we’re thankful for those who are generously offering to assist us. Your prayers are needed and appreciated.


Information Hotline For Our Mayfield Consumer Products Team:  

Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.  We are working on getting the
information you need. We have established a hotline just for you.  Please call 1-888-880-8620, to get the
information on available services.  We are committed to supporting our employee family and to restoring our production facilities.

The employee hotline will resume its normal operating hours, 8:00am (CST) – 8:00pm (CST) Monday, December 20th.

MCP Candles Tornado Victims’ Fund

We are profoundly grateful for your generosity during this time. Your donations are continuously supporting those who were directly affected by the tornado on December 10th.


100% of donations will be given to victim relief. Every dollar counts. Make a donation today.


Donate Now

Additional Ways to make a donation

If you would like to donate with a check, please see the information below:


Please make your check out to:

Mayfield Consumer Products Emergency Employee Relief Fund


Please send your check to:

Mayfield Consumer Products Emergency Employee Relief Fund
PO Box 247, Wingo, Kentucky 42087


If you would like to send a donation using a wire transfer or using a Swift Code, please call:

Independence Bank in Mayfield, Kentucky

(270) 705-1776